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  Account Features   Starter   Standard   Professional
  Disk Storage   50 GB   80 GB   120 GB
  Bandwidth Allowed / month   500 GB   700 GB   1000 GB
  POP3 E-mail Accounts   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  FTP Accounts   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  Private Nameservers (   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Domain Registration   $12/year   $12/year   $12/year
  No. of IP   1   1   1
  No. of Domains (   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  No. of Sub Domains (   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  No. of MySql Database   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  Web Based Domain Control Panel (Cpanel) Demo   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Reseller Privileges   Starter   Standard   Professional
  Reseller Real Time Control Panel (WHM) Demo   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Real Time Domain Control Feature   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Full Control of (   Yes   Yes   Yes
  No. of Domain Control Theme   4   4   4
  E-mail Features   Starter   Standard   Professional
  E-mail Aliases (Forwards)   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  E-mail Autoresponders   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  Mail Lists   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  Personal SMTP Mail Server   Yes   Yes   Yes
  E-Commerce   Starter   Standard   Professional
  Secure Server (SSL) transaction encryption   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Server Side Includes (SSI)   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Password Protected Directories   Yes   Yes   Yes
  PHP 5.4   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Additional Software   Starter   Standard   Professional
  Softaculous   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal scripts   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Support for FrontPage Extensions   Yes   Yes   Yes
  MySQL 5.1 Database   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Php MyAdmin 3.5.5   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Advanced Features   Starter   Standard  Professional
  CGI Bin (full access-no script approval!)   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Pre-installed cgi-scripts   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Custom MIME Types   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Unix Shells : bash, csh, tsh   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Perl 5.004, C, C++, Java JDK 1.1.7   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Python 1.5 & TCL 7.6 Compliers   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Pine, vi, elm, Joe, Pico & Cron Tab, .htaccess   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Majordomo list   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Custom Error Documents   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Website Management   Starter   Standard   Professional
  FTP Access   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  Anonymous FTP   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Telnet Access   Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
  Website Monitoring   Starter   Standard   Professional
  Site Backups   Daily   Daily   Daily
  Awstats   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Downloadable Raw Access Logs   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Referrer Logs   Yes   Yes   Yes
  WebAlizer   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Hardware & Network   Starter   Standard   Professional
  Server Hardware   Intel Core i3 3.3 Ghz   Intel Core i3 3.3 Ghz   Intel Core i3 3.3 Ghz
  Server Operating System   Centos   Centos   Centos
  ServerSoftware   Apache 2.2.22   Apache 2.2.22   Apache 2.2.22
  Network Connectivity   Cable & Wireless   Cable & Wireless   Cable & Wireless
  Uninterruptible power with UPS and backup generator   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Payment Terms   Starter   Standard   Professional
  Startup   Free   Free   Free
  Monthly   $ 24.95   $ 34.95   $ 49.95
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